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Nair Hair Removal Products are well known in the market

Nair is a name brand with high recognition thanks to the popularity of Nair hair removal products. In fact, Nair television commercials in the 1980s set the pace for quick and easy hair removal lotions catapulting the whole notion of shaving without a razor into the consciousness of every young woman. Who didn’t have trouble getting the catchy little song, “Nair for short shorts” or brightly-coloured and vivid images out of their heads? It’s a product that has been closely associated with summer, beaches, shorts and bikinis.

Nair continues to be a best seller in this market due to the reputation the company has built up over decades for a range of quality product. Nair hair removal products continue to sell well and maintain their customer base.

Two of their best selling products are featured here:

Nair Hair Removal at home

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The Number One hair removal lotion hands down is Nair’s Cocoa Butter Lotion.

Nair Cocoa Butter is intended for use on legs and body and is probably a hit with most users because the cocoa butter scent makes one think of summer and suntan lotion. Whether or not that was part of the subliminal plan of the manufacturers we may never know. But it works.

As is the case with all Nair hair removal products, it is easy to use. You just squeeze out some of the lotion in your hand and apply generously to the area you wish to remove unwanted hair – just as you would when applying sunscreen.

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After you’ve applied the lotion, wash your hands, let the lotion remain in place for about three minutes then gently wipe away with a damp cloth. It is as quick and easy as the television commercials have said all along. The only difference here is that if you have thicker hair, you may need to keep the lotion on for a longer period of time although you are cautioned not to exceed ten minutes.

The Number One hair removal brand is Nair and the variety of lotion with Baby Oil is another one of their top sellers. Again, it applies just like suntan lotion only you keep in on your legs or arms for up to three minutes before wiping away. The moisturizing benefits of the baby oil make this a good choice if you suffer from dry skin as the lotion will leave it feeling softer and smoother for days and possibly weeks.

The main ingredient used in Nair hair removal products is water followed by a healthy dose of mineral oil which means these products are safe for regular use. This and all Nair products are considered a chemical depilatory cream as they actually dissolve hair and the tiny bonding connection between the bottom of the hair follicle and the layer of skin it is attached to. When this is dissolved, it allows hair to fall out of the pore holding it. This method is effective in that it removes hair far below the skin’s surface.

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Both varieties of Nair hair removal products, containing cocoa butter or baby oil, are available in 9-ounce bottles which make them handy and easy to transport to the beach or on vacation to use just about anywhere and anytime. There are cautions to be aware of when using this product and they including keeping it away from eyes and those with sensitive skin may experience a burning sensation with some cases of actual skin burns resulting from use. As has been stated already, if you have thicker, coarser hair you may not see immediate results.

The benefits greatly outnumber the negatives with Nair hair removal products which make them the perfect choice for quick and easy removal of unwanted hair that can be done wherever and whenever required.

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